Our Client came to us to seek help with renovating and transforming her Living & Dining area. 
'Aryavarta' is a term for the Indian Subcontinent, which was our inspiration for this space decor. Our client comes from a Rich, Indian background and wanted her roots, culture and the beauty of her country to reflect in her space.
Scroll to view a few pictures of what the room looked like Before.
Our Client Brief:  Our client informed us about her strong attachment and appreciation for her country. She wanted us to incorporate a wall mural that would stand as a statement piece all the while showcasing the rich and wide cultural and traditional beauty of India. She wanted us to incorporate locally popular and available materials throughout the space. 
She also asked us to include the flora & fauna of India in subtle ways through her space. Overall, she wanted her space to give a warm & inviting feel to all who enter.

Square Footage: 525 ft²

Location: Delhi, India

Mood: Indian Traditional, Contemporary, Warm








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