Bed & Breakfast at Bay Central Tower

Bed & Breakfast at Bay Central Tower

At THC, we specialize in metamorphosing mundane and dull spaces into exquisite retreats fit for the discerning Airbnb clientele. Catering to investors seeking to amplify their returns, we proudly unveil our illustrious Bnb Series.

Our Client Brief: Our esteemed client entrusted us with full autonomy over the transformation process. With a timeframe of a mere 14 days, we embraced the challenge with unwavering dedication. Empowered by the client's confidence in our expertise, our design virtuosos meticulously curated a harmonious fusion of color palettes, design motifs, and thematic elements.

The outcome stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. We have crafted an intimate haven, graced with panoramic views of the Dubai Marina skyline. 

Mood: Contemporary, Minimal

Square Footage: 854 ft²

Location: Dubai Marina, U.A.E










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