Ascent - Rooftop Lounge

Ascent - Rooftop Lounge

A splendid collaboration between THC and Fortune Atrium Hotel, elegantly situated at their rooftop is Ascent.

Our esteemed client envisioned a space radiating an aura of boundless space and avant-garde sophistication.

Our client Brief: To orchestrate an atmosphere brimming with a Bohemian contemporary allure, and refined elegance. Enthralled by the client's directive emphasizing a harmonious blend of neutral tones accented with a pop of green, our journey commenced towards crafting an environment that seamlessly blends sophistication with modern flair.

This marvel boasts bespoke teak-wood furniture crafted in Indonesia, serving as a captivating yet utilitarian highlight of this resto-bar.

The space was designed meticulously to meet the discerning needs of the esteemed clientele.

Square Footage:  1717ft²

Location: Ascent Rooftop Lounge - Fortune Atrium Hotel, Dubai - U.A.E.

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